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Anxiety is one of those emotions which are typically negative in nature. It will often consist of fear and worry, and some organisms may even experience physical signs such as nausea or chest pains.

Anxiety is a complex emotion, and is composed of a number of different elments. Some of these elements are somatic or cognitive as the body tries to prepare itself to deal with an external threat. The heart rate speeds up, and the blood pressure is increased. The various muscles in the body will also receive elevated levels of blood. At the same time, the functions of the digestive system will slow down.

People who have anxiety will generally have a sense of dread. A number of voluntary and involuntary processes will take place in the body, and the goal of these processes is to get the organism away from the source that is causing it to have anxiety.

As such, anxiety is an important emotion, and is designed to increase the survival rate of organisms. In humans it appears that anxiety comes from the hippocampus and amygdala, two regions of the brain. When a person senses bad odors or tastes, there will be a large amount of blood flow which will be present in the amygdala. Research evidence also shows that medium levels of anxiety will be present in this situation as well.

Based on numerous studies, it appears that anxiety is also designed to keep humans and other organisms from eating food or objects that may be harmful to their well being.

While anxiety is normal, a person that has excessive amounts of it may have what is called an anxiety disorder. In extreme cases, people with anxiety disorders may have strong cases where they are terrorized. Anxiety disorders are broken down into phobias, panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders. Someone who is suffering from a phobia will have an abnormal amount of fear of a specific object or situation. People who have phobias tend to have extensive imaginations, and realize that their fear is often irrational.

When a person suffers from a panic disorder, they will have extreme panic attacks, and may have dizziness or breathing problems. These attacks will typically reach their height in about 10 minutes.

Generalized anxiety disorders are common, and effect a much larger portion of the population. It is prevalent in both men and women, and is characterized by long periods of anxiety that are not related to any specific object or situation.

With obsessive compulsive disorder, the individual with have an obsession or compulsion when it comes to specific types of behavior. People who suffer from this disorder will see the need to do something obsessively in order to reduce their anxiety. Many people who have this disorder may feel the need to be extremely clean, and are afraid of germs. To reduce their anxiety, they will wash their hands numerous times in a single day.

There are two primary methods that are used to help those who are suffering from anxiety, and this is either therapy or prescription medications. If one is suffering from clinically diagnosed anxiety or panic disorders, these are the preferred forms of intervention of clinicians and doctors. Individuals should get consult a professional to get a diagnosis and uncover how serious their anxiety problems are.

There are also several other methodologies that are used by the general public to deal with anxiety. You should first read as much as you can about anxiety and panic disorders. Below you will find several resources that have been used by thousands of people around the world with good results. However, these should not be seen as replacements for professional diagnosis and treatment for serious cases of anxiety disorders and panic attacks.
Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D.

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“It was a Godsend that I discovered your program just this past Friday night (luck). I had some panic attacks last November. The ‘theme’ was survival – everybody’s survival. During the panic attacks I thought the end of the world had come. It didn’t, and with therapy and some Valium at critical times I got back to ‘normal’ again, or so I thought.

Then, a couple of months ago, I started having some panic attacks again. I became consumed just by the fear of having another attack. I was concerned just trying to manage my crazy thoughts.  On my lunch break several weeks ago I had a crazy attack – fear I’d have a heart attack, this was my final moment, etc. I chomped down 2 Valiums, and left work early to go home and flop down on my bed.

The next week I caught a cold. This helped take me out of my head and into my body, albeit with a cold. I got over the cold, kept telling myself I was getting better in every way. Then last Friday night in bed I was ‘arguing with somebody’ in my head about something, and I felt a panic attack coming over me. I got out of bed quick, chomped 1/2 Valium, and turned on my computer to Google ‘panic attacks’ as I had done before. Somehow, I reached a site that linked to yours. I read the testimonials and ordered the program. Just reading it changed things for me! I thought I was through with attacks, but if another one came, I could deal with it.

Sunday night, the panic attacks started coming on. I diffused it just about immediately! I feel like a new man.

My appetite has returned. I notice things in my environment. I am optimistic again. My mind is no longer driving me crazy. I appreciate just being alive and this life I have been given. I can deal with whatever comes my way. And, I haven’t had a Valium since Friday’s panic attacks.”


“Whatever I did, it was always with me. I really suffered a lot. I tried several other methods and ways without any success, and then I read ‘Panic Away’. Of course I was a bit skeptical at first, because I tried whatever not. But still I decided to try it. I just can`t express how much this unique technique has helped me from the very beginning. It`s incredible really. The technique is very simple and maybe that`s why it is so effective. Very soon my panic attacks went away and my background anxiety decreased drastically. Now I am free from attacks and happy to come back to my previous self.  I can laugh again…and all this thanks to Joe and this brilliant method.”

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