Spiritual Approaches to Depression


Depression is a deep and intense feeling of sadness, feeling ‘down’, or feeling like if there is a heavy weight on one’s shoulders. It is a serious concern that may possibly impact most people are some point in their lives. However, for some people depression is a very debilitating disorder. Even when it occurs occasionally it must not be ignored because these occasional moments might indicate a deeper issue lurking somewhere in the recesses of one’s mind.

There are numerous ways in which depression can be addressed. Some of these are related to physical, mental and social interventions. However, there are also strategies that can be classed as ‘spiritual’ methods of dealing with this major disorder.

One ‘spiritual’ method is meditation. There are many research studies that demonstrate the healing effects of meditation on both body, mind and spirit. While there are various forms of meditation, the patient has to find one which fits their personality, belief systems and life style. For example, some Christians take issue with Buddhist type meditations… and even with the word ‘meditation’ itself. However, when it is pointed out that ‘prayer’ can be seen as meditation, then this kind of healing activity becomes acceptable.

Other forms of spiritual practice could involve reading uplifting, inspiring and motivating texts, practicing daily acts of kindness, and regularly involving oneself in periods of stillness and quietness.

Being still or visiting places which bring calmness and inner peace can provide one with positive changes on the inside, and can be a powerful healing force for depression. The feeling of ‘being close to nature’ can neutralize feelings of sadness and wipe away the clouds of mental darkness that sometimes accompany states of depression. Walking or sitting in places of serenity – at the beach, by the side of a still pond or lake, sitting on a hillside looking at the valley below, or sitting quietly at night listening to the chirping sounds of the nocturnal insects – can be very soothing and healing.

All of these can provide the kinds of spiritual healing of depression that many patients worldwide have used to bring their lives back to harmony. You can do the same!