5 Simple Steps to Emotional Healing


Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual abuse, depression symptoms, compulsive spending, compulsive overeating, bulimia, relationship issues, negative beliefs, low self-esteem, grief, and test anxiety are all issues which can cause severe emotional pain! Additionally, these problems can likely result from past emotional hurt.

According to Gloria Arenson, psychological counseling is like detective work. She tries to help her clients find out as much as they can about what makes them to so that they can help themselves get to the heart of their problems. Emotional healing is the critical step that is needed to move people from emotional hurt to emotional health.

She used Energy Psychology techniques so that her clients can achieve an understanding that most of their bad habits, harmful behaviors and negative beliefs which might have been created as imperfect solutions to threatening situations that might have happened a long time ago.

As a result the clients’ problems are positively transformed and their behaviors change for the better!

After counseling thousands of people for over 25 years Arenson has learned that everything people do makes sense in the context of their lives. No one else in the world has the same fingerprints as yours. No one else has had your identical life either.  And as a result your problem might need a specific solution that fits only you.

To achieve this, Arenson teaches clients a specific type of Energy Psychology that is specifically tailored to help clients with their specific steps to emotional healing!

Arenson indicates that many of the people who come to her who have had years of talk (counseling) therapy and are still suffering emotionally. She contends that talk therapies often take a very long time to be effective and, even then, may not eliminate the person’s emotional hurt. She claims that therapy only goes as far as people can remember, while Energy Psychology methods can go the level beyond awareness to provide emotional healing for past hurts. She advises that Energy Psychology techniques are generally gentle and work rapidly and permanently without causing more pain and anguish.

Arenson wants to teach people who are hurting emotionally and who suffer from deep emotional pain how to use her specific type of Energy Psychology to help themselves and to provide emotional healing.  She wants to assist clients  in resolving their problems as quickly as possible.

Arenson has written a book where she teaches readers a variety of Energy Psychology methods that will help to eliminate or transform the fears, anxiety, traumas, compulsive behaviors, and the negative thinking that may be holding readers back from moving forward. Such personal interventions may help to create a happy and healthy life.

Need help in to heal your hurt or help with emotional pain, then examine Arenson’s book: Five Simple Steps To Emotional Healing Here!

According to Arenson, it is the
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